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NY Manufactured Home Park Tenants’ Rights

Tenants in New York manufactured home parks have the right to:

  • be free from retaliation for making a complaint or joining a tenant association;
  • a rent discount for participating in the STAR or any other real property tax exemption program;
  • a copy of park rules and regulations and a written statement of all fees at the commencement of occupancy;
  • have rules and regulations applied uniformly to all tenants;
  • be free from unreasonable arbitrary or capricious rules and regulations;
  • a thirty-day written notice prior to any change of rules or regulations;
  • a ten-day period in order to correct a violation of park rules or regulations;
  • a ninety-day written notice prior to increases of fees, charges or assessments and not to have rent increased more than once in any year;
  • have their security deposit held in trust in an interest-bearing account and to know the name and address of the bank;
  • prior to occupancy to sign a lease for at least a one year term;
  • annual lease renewal(s) if in good standing;
  • post a For Sale sign on any manufactured home;
  • reasonable notice of any planned disruption of services;
  • purchase a manufactured home from whomever they wish, as either a current or prospective tenant;
  • have essential services (water, electricity, heat) furnished at all times;
  • choose whomever they want as a service-person;
  • refuse to purchase equipment from the park owner;
  • be free from occupancy restrictions in park rules or leases;
  • sell their manufactured home without the requirement that it be removed from the park;
  • not have to pay a sales commission or fee to the park owner unless the park owner acted pursuant to a written agreement; and
  • a livable, sanitary and safe park under the Warranty of Habitability.