Upcoming Seminars

21 Most Common Mistakes Made by Landlords

will be presented at:

  • Millennium Hotel, 2040 Walden Ave., Cheektowaga, NY on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 7:00 PM.

Along with:

How to Pay No Tax When Disposing of Investment Property

  • Presented by Russell J. Gullo, CCIM, CEA at the Buffalo Investors & Exchange Group.

Drawing on over thirty-eight years of experience representing landlords, Mr. Friedman will give examples of mistakes made by landlords and their attorneys in screening tenants, drafting leases, evicting tenants, complying with government regulations and collecting judgments for rent and damages.

According to Mr. Friedman, author of “How to Survive Legally as a Landlord”, “default notices, notices of petition and petitions are often incorrectly prepared, served and filed, especially with Section Eight tenants. Landlords fail to protect themselves with key lease provisions. Landlords are not taking advantage of Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and other asset protection strategies. Landlords need to know what to do if a tenant dies or is arrested for drug-dealing.”

Mr. Gullo will answer questions on tax-free exchanges, such as: ”What is like kind? What are the requirements to pay no tax? What is the time requirement? What can I buy? Can I buy before I sell? Can I improve a property that I am buying? Can I take some of the funds and exchange with the rest? The meeting is free and open to the public.

To register for this free seminar, click here, call our office, or email Kristin@legalsurvival.com.