Buffalo Child Custody Lawyer Explains What to Do if Your Spouse Refuses to Let You See the Children

Clients will call me as a Buffalo Child Custody Lawyer, and ask what to do if their spouse refuses to let them visit their children.

  • If one spouse refuses to allow the other to see the children, it is essential that action be taken immediately.
  • If the denied spouse fails to act right away, obtaining the desired response to your application will be much more difficult.
  • It is important to make sure your access or visitation rights are enforced. One parent cannot say to the other – for monetary or personal reasons – “I’m just not letting you see Johnny or Sally anymore.” That’s not acceptable, and immediate action to remedy that situation is essential.

Are you being refused access to your children by your spouse or ex?  Contact Buffalo Child Custody Lawyer Michael Ranzenhofer for strong legal action.

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