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5 Daw Bre via

Robert Friedman is a fabulous elder law attorney. His knowledge in this area of law is flawless. He is attentive, always available, quick with responses, ETHICAL, and does exactly what you would want an attorney to do, represent YOU. This was a case for my mother, who was opposed to my brother being her Guardian. He effortlessly navigated her case, which was riddled with demands from the Petitioner. He spoke many times with my mother, knew what SHE wanted, and delivered. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Robert Friedman.

5 Rolene Peck via 

I contacted Mr. Friedman after researching attorneys that could assist with an HOA smoking related issue. Mr. Friedman responded immediately. After exchanging a few emails, I was confident Mr. Friedman was the attorney who would assist myself and a select few of neighbors in ensuring our building would become what a home is meant to be ~ a safe haven where our health is not in jeopardy and where we are able to enjoy a peaceful existence without fear of serious consequence from second hand smoke. Mr. Friedman was direct, he was informative and he acted swiftly. I highly recommend Mr. Friedman and his law firm.

5 Lisa Kilanowski via 

I consulted with Justin Friedman in an effort to obtain reimbursement following damage to my personal property. Justin was diligent, tenacious, professional, and clearly dedicated to assisting me, all of which led to a very positive outcome. I was very impressed with his work and I highly recommend his office.

5 Anonymous via

Professional, Intelligent, Hardworking
I found myself in an absolute nightmare requesting a simple stay away order after harassment against me increasingly got of control. I ended up being accused of a crime I did not commit by the person harassing me, putting my career in jeopardy. I was referred to attorney who seemed to be making my case worst, a simple matter was now leading to a trial. That’s when I decide to do a google search for help. I came across Friedman & Razenhofer and read the reviews just like you may be doing now. Their clients seemed pleased and many mentioned affordability. I had already paid one attorney so this was important to me. I called and was transferred to Sam Alba. I explained the situation and in just a few minutes he made me feel a sense of relief. He actually listened to what I had to say. I found an attorney that was not only affordable but really knew exactly what needed to be done. Sam is extremely intelligent, professional, and most importantly willing to put in the work required to help his clients. Sam is patient, I probably had a million random questions, and he answered every one in a timely fashion. The charges against me were completely dismissed and I was granted the protection I was seeking. I pray I am never in a situation like this ever again but if I ever need legal assistance I will certainly be contacting Sam Alba and referring him to anyone who needs help. There are not enough words to express the gratitude I have for the attention to detail he put into my case. I am confident the outcome of my case would have been a lot different without Sam.

5 A.V. 

I am so happy and appreciative of the results and know that this was only possible because of your willingness to take on such a case so quickly. I had spoken to 10 lawyers offices only to be delayed with appointments in the future. Your kindness and willingness to help someone in need will possibly end in a saving of a life and maybe even a happier life for my brother. Of course, the final outcome will be determined at a later point, but for now my brothers and I have some options which we did not have before


5 ARBA LLC via

My wages were being garnished from a collection agency. They claimed they won a judgement from 5 years ago that I didn’t respond to. I wasted my money with 1 lawyer and I was told by another lawyer that I didn’t have a case. A legal service referred me to Sam.

Sam clearly explained the legalities and was honest about my options. He asked questions that helped him to better understand my situation. His price was very fair considering all the work he has done.

He is very responsive to my inquiries and has a very fast turnaround. I would highly recommend him!

5 Michele Nuciola via

5 Amanda Bialkowski via

Justin did a great job guiding me through the legal process of tenant eviction during COVID. There is no way I would have been able to do this without him. I would recommend to any of my family and friends!

5 Josh Dix via

I’m new to the legal needs of being a landlord and despite my constant barrage of often repeated questions Justin Friedman was always very responsive and polite. I’m very pleased and would recommend to anyone needing their services.

5 Paul LeFleur via

I want to reach out to you in regards to the work you have done for me in my court case and the outcome and decision. I am aware that this was not an ordinary or common case nor outcome and want to thank you for going above and beyond for me. I truly appreciate your efforts to help me.
I also want to express my thoughts about Mr. Justin Friedman in representing me in court. He is truly a fine asset to your firm and represents you well.
Thanks again Mike.

5 Lynnette Hodur-Loomis via

Mr. Ranzenhofer was the only one willing to take on my case. I know it was a very difficult task but he never let up and stuck by me the entire time. He updated me on a regular basis and I am very satisfied with the result he got for me.

5 Joy Zielinski via

Bob and Justin Friedman did a fabulous job settling my husband estate they obtained over $20,000 that was owed to the estate from the county. I would recommend them to anyone who has estate issues they did a great job. Ten👍up

5 Government Counsel vialawyers dot com

General Practice

5 Christine Rush via

Mr. Ranzenhofer and his attorneys were great! My case was handled quickly and I got a great result – $300,000. I fell at my doctor’s office, so I knew it was a hard case. Mr. Ranzenhofer developed a strategy that got me a great result. I highly recommend Mr. Ranzenhofer and his team of attorneys.

5 Maribeth Sheedy via

I have been working with Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC for this past two years, and I can honestly tell you their professionalism and knowledge of the law are incomparable. Their broad-based knowledge of the Landlord Tenant and Real Estate Laws is and the best in NY State. With a friendly compassionate staff, you can rest assured you are in good hands. I can personally attest that their time and attention given to each case and how they always put their client first. I would not work with anyone else.

5 Carol Czosnyka via

Reasonable / Professional / Personable … Very nice man to speak to … He helped me feel safe and took away my fear in my legal situation. If or when needed he is ready to jump in and take over. Thank you, Carol

5 Laurie Rizzo via

My experience with Friedman and Ranzenhofer was very professional. They handled my case with efficiency and friendliness.
Mr. Alba and Mr. Razenhofer treated me with respect and kindness. This was first experience dealing with the court, and Mr. Alba especially, made the whole ordeal much smoother than I anticipated.
I recommend this firm very highly.

5 Mark via

Highly recommended
Highly recommended…Sam handled a case for me with a buffalo tow truck Company, we won our case and a judgment. Sam was highly professional knowledgeable and effective. He knows the local laws and how to get successful outcomes!

5 Arba Cooper via

My wages were being garnished from a collection agency. They claimed they won a judgement from 5 years ago that I didn’t respond to. I wasted my money with 1 lawyer and I was told by another lawyer that I didn’t have a case. A legal service referred me to Sam.

Sam clearly explained the legalities and was honest about my options. He asked questions that helped him to better understand my situation. His price was very fair considering all the work he has done.

He is very responsive to my inquiries and has a very fast turnaround. I would highly recommend him!

5 Heather Hoefer via

Sam Alba is the best lawyer I have ever worked with. He is competent, experienced, respectful and understanding. He listens to what you want and does what he can to accomplish that. He is HONEST. He will tell you, good or bad, what he is able to accomplish. He customizes your circumstances and works out the best possible outcome within the parameters of the law. He’s not profit-focused and doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. Even when we disagreed, he was assertive and respectful. He has stellar negotiating skills, based on what he was able to do for me and still be fair to the other party. He is the only lawyer I will work with from this point forth.

5 James Houseman via

I feel I was treated great. Mr. Ranzenhofer responded quickly with call backs and any questions, there were never any doubts of where my case was and he was always reassuring that being patient was the answer. And it was. I want to thank him and his legal team especially with the office personnel always friendly and also quick responses when messages were left. Highly recommended. Thanks for everything

5 mickie christiansen via

Hello Bob! I just want to express my appreciation for the professional and empathetic service that Jessica has given to me. She is a true professional while caring and keeping me updated every step of the way. This situation has been a nightmare to me both emotionally and financially. I never dreamed this would all happen. These two tenants sided against me when all I have done is be a truly amazing landlord, meeting every need that concerned them, even when they decided to not pay me anymore. It was my duty as a landlord to make sure that utilities were paid and furnace serviced during temps of 0 degrees. Turns out they worked together to sabotage furnace, pull the plug and leave all windows open so that I would pay RG&E, according to owner of Total Comfort and Cooling. You have an amazing team. I also have dealt with Sue who is a true professional and handled my calls. Again, please give Jessica an amazing KUDOS. She is your number one point person as far as I can tell. She reflects your office as a role model in community. Also, I cant thank Pete enough for his part in evicting Ms. Hudson. To be honest with you, she cried like a baby, but gave no remorse for her own actions. I was so relieved when judge ruled to evict. I just need them all out so that I can regain my sanity. Thank you for your communication and service to my needs. I so appreciate you also. Respectfully, Mickie

5 John via

We were treated in a respectful, professional and helpful manner while preparing our wills, healthcare proxies and power of attorney. Mr. Friedman took as much time as we needed to answer all of our questions and concerns. His staff was friendly and efficient. We highly recommend him.

5 Yerko Becerra via

My first time dealing with lawyers , I recommend them 100% to any case, I’m sure they will help anyone , I am from out of state and they helped me with every question I needed and everything I had a question with ! My case went better than expect it!

5 Sarah via

Incredible Attorney—Highly Recommend
Sam helped my boyfriend and I with a real estate situation and remained extremely professional, diligent to our case and finding the answers needed and definitely went above and beyond what he needed to do for us to resolve our apartment situation. We knew from the start with Sam that he was committed to us and helping to resolve our case, regardless of time of day. We reached out to him late in the day a few times but always heard back quickly! Highly recommend Sam to represent you if you are searching for a great lawyer!

5 Kathy Burst via

5 James Houseman via

Friend of mine was charged with grand larceny,we hired Micheal,he was very professional and within few months time was able to plea bargain for much lesser charge,very satisfied with result and highly recommend him

5 Dennis via

I was in a bad pinch. Michael took the time last minute for me. I was in court once and done! He reduced my offense which is not typically done from what I understand. His knowledge, experience and professionalism was worth the money! I would recommend him and seek his help again if needed.

5 R W via

Very helpful. He was willing to chat with me about my case. 👍

5 anonymous via

Michael Ranzenhofer was very professional in dealing with my case. He always responded to calls in a timely manner. He was very thorough in handling my case. I would definitely use him again if I needed legal representation, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

5 Jim via

Very pleased with professionalism, knowledge and timeliness of the documentation process. The insight on Will, POA and Trust was invaluable as well. Highly recommended.

5 Vince Spinelli via

If you need a guy – consider Bob & Sam… Nobody wants to have to hire a lawyer. I know I didn’t. The first time I bought a house, I found out that I needed a lawyer for the paperwork. I stumbled through a google search for random lawyers in the area and just grabbed the first one that showed up close to me. That was Friedman Ranzenhofer (of Williamsville / Akron / Buffalo ). That was 5 years ago. In those five years, my “happy” need for a lawyer (buying a house) was then replaced by other needs… we had an issue with estate papers for a deceased family member. Then I was sued for witholding payment from a fly-by-night contractor who did shoddy work that failed inspection and caused damage. Lastly, we had a property / real-estate issue that’s up in the air. I never found another lawyer in those 5 years. The same straightforward, honest, guys who did the paperwork on my home have now represented me, my mom, and my wife. Bob Friedman is an extremely professional, but none-the-less down to earth lawyer (and human being). He’s smart, he runs his firm with integrity, and he genuinely cares about outcomes — he’ll ask you, “what would be an ideal resolution for you?” – because he knows that it’s not about the details (for us, the clients) as much as it is about how these situations affect our lives. Sam Alba has been in charge of the two ugliest things in my life, and he’s handled himself with composure and intelligence. He’s pushed hard when he’s needed to, and it’s easy to tell that he’s done his homework on every matter. To date, the outcomes have been favorable and live-able. I’m very — very — pleased to be represented by these folks. When the topic of lawyers comes up in conversation, I’m actually quite happy to be able to say “I’ve got a guy”.

5 Concettalverson via

Mr. Robert Friedman did everything I asked for. He made difficult documents; like a Will easy. Made me feel comfortable and went out of his way due to my disability. Answered all my questions in laymen terms.
When all was done, I felt great relief and got more than I paid for

5 Ed Berowski via

Friedman & Ranzenhofer provided prompt, courteous and professional assistance regarding a current legal issue. We have used the services of this firm repeatedly because of their consistent high quality service levels.

5 anonymous via

I was hit head on in a car accident and had got injured. I contacted Mike Ranzenhofer and he got started the process of getting money for me for my pain and suffering and future medical bills. Every time I called or came to his office he always took his time to help me. And we eventually won the case. He is an amazing lawyer and person himself and I would fully recommend him to anyone.

5 Matt Misiak via

As a Landlord it is hard to keep track of all the laws and what your rights are. Mr. Friedman helped me with many different situations, offering advice and relief in some of the most stressful situations. He was also the most knowledgable attorney I spoke to in the field.

5 Gail via

I have never dealt with an attorney or law firm as efficient and conscientious as Mr. Friedman and his employees. I came to him with my father’s estate, sale of a home and other legal matters. I spoke DIRECTLY with him many times. I did NOT have to “leave messages” constantly or get shuffled around to other people while waiting for a return phone call. HE addressed legal matters directly with me. I NEVER had to wait endlessly for a return email from him either. He answered them on the same day or within 24 hours.

I believe his knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed in the legal field, but also in handling his clients. He is extremely considerate of YOU and YOUR situation, questions and concerns. Also, his fees are very reasonable compared to other attorneys.

The individuals on his staff are top-notch and very competent as well. They were all very courteous, understanding and knowledgeable. They went out of their way for me as well.

I could not be more satisfied with the treatment and attention to my affairs and legal issues. If you are looking for the PERFECT attorney, Mr.Friedman is the one to choose. You won’t be disappointed by him or his staff. They are all amazing individuals to work with. It was truly my pleasure to have met him and to have him handle my legal affairs. He is truly one-in-a-million and I most highly recommend him!

5 Marvin Germain via


5 hazel via

I was a client and was treated with much respect and dignity and Micheal Ranzenhofer did his job well getting my personal injury case settled in a timely fashion with such professionalism and I would highly recommend him to everyone I know.

5 Terence Davies via


5 Robert A. via

Over many years I have engaged Robert Friedman in the area of property transfers, personal agreements, family asset agreements & areas of health protection for relatives. I put my total trust in his prompt, exact handling & favorable professional results. I shall continue to use his services in the future.

5 Teresa Blake via

I am very pleased with the way Mr. Ranzenhoffer handled my case. Everyone in his office was very accommodating & professional. I have recommended his services to many friends since he handled my injury case.

5 Cindy L.Zappo via

Robert Friedman has been my legal counsel for nearly 25 years representing my property management company. You will find the New York market literally inundated with lots of attorneys to choose from. You may ask, what makes Robert Friedman the right choice for me?
Simply put, he sets the bar in conduct, dedication to his clients and work. His legal expertise in a word, is expert.
Finally, he is an attorney you can trust, who is honest and will work for YOU!

5 anonymous via

I used Mike as my attorney after I broke my hip. He was wonderful! Throughout my experience he explained all of the legal steps to me thoroughly and answered all questions that I had. He would also check in with me from time to time and was always very friendly and approachable. Mike was able to negotiate a settlement that I was quite happy with. Would absolutely recommend this lawyer to anyone. Thanks Mike!

5 anonymous via

I used Mr. Friedman’s services when suing a seller of real estate who had concealed a great many flaws in the property at issue. His fees were reasonable and his services helped convince the seller to settle out of court, saving me further expense.

5 Jason via

I hired Mr. Ranzenhofer for my divorce knowing it was going to be a very hostile situation. He was well prepared for all of the accusations that came at me and in the end gained a favorable settlement.

5 anonymous via

My husband and I have been clients of Mr. Friedman’s for several years. He has been very helpful in putting together and updating our wills, helping us through the purchase of 2 homes, and getting a small business off the ground. Mr. Friedman is a good listener and really cares about his clients. He is also very intelligent and business-savvy.

5 Bruce via

Mr Ranzenhofer did an excellent job of preparing my case took the time to look over all the details and and make the necessary changes needed for me to win my case. He made himself always available to me when I had questions. His legal assistant also was very good and always replied to me quickly when I had questions. I would highly recommend Mr Ranzenhofer to handle your case.

5 anonymous via

I recently used the services of Robert Friedman of Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC and found the service and counsel to be excellent. Throughout the process we had questions that were answered promptly and appropriately. We would definitely recommend to friends and business associates.

5 anonymous via

Michael did an excellent job to plea bargain a deal on my behalf. He has in depth knowledge of DUI law and years of local experience. I completely trust Michael.

5 Connie via

Mr. Ranzenhofer was very kind, considerate, experienced and knowledgeable. He helped me gain financial success after experiencing a car accident while visiting the States. Even if we weren’t successful, he still sent me to the right professionals and took the right steps in the right direction.

5 anonymous via

We have worked with Bob for many years. He has always been responsive and knowledgeable regarding our legal needs. Bob has handled a variety of legal issues for us, including real estate closings, rental property, estate and probate closing, and sales tax concerns.

5 Roman Boev via


5 anonymous via

Me. Alba was a great attorney on my case. My case was shuffled from him to another partner in his firm and I requested to be given back to sam. His attention to detail Is impeccable. He got my charge reduced, and fought to the end for me. I always felt that he was reachable, intelligent, and more over extremely qualified. If your looking for someone to give you his all- look no further.

5 Jacqueline Balikowski via


5 Ms Cooper via

My wages were being garnished from a collection agency. They claimed they won a judgement from 5 years ago that I didn’t respond to. I wasted my money with 1 lawyer and I was told by another lawyer that I didn’t have a case. A legal service referred me to Sam. Sam clearly explained the legalities and was honest about my options. He asked questions that helped him to better understand my situation. His price was very fair considering all the work he has done. He is very responsive to my inquiries and has a very fast turnaround. I would highly recommend him!

5 Susan McCormack via


5 Julie via

Almost 2 years later hallelujahAll I can say is I have never been more thankful in my life thanks to our wonderful attorney who did great at trial even though I interrupted a lot.He didn’t give up on me even though I’m loud and he stood by me and my right I always recommend to always know your rights also as a client but make sure you’re smart enough to keep a lawyer and get a lawyer is going to Sam I’d also like to thank the The judge and Clarence it was very empathetic and Everyone at Clarence town Court that knew me very well for the last two years while I fought for this case to be over so thank you I can finally sleep tonight

5 anonymous via

Sam was recommended to me by a friend who knew I needed to be protected from the bullying my ex and his attorney were putting me through. I was intimidated and completely overwhelmed by the process of choosing the right lawyer. No one I met with made me feel like anything beyond just another faceless case, until I met with Sam.
Sam immediately gave me the vibe that he would fight for me like a big brother. He has validated that “vibe” over and over throughout this ordeal, and that’s just the cherry on top. Sam possesses a wealth of knowledge that seems endless, even when it comes to minor nuances of the law. He is always prepared, meticulously organized, eloquent and charismatic in court. We aren’t finished yet, but so far he obtained results for me that I did not think were possible and restored my hope.
Sam is impressively responsive outside the courtroom as well. I have a habit of forgetting to mention things, and so I often send Sam emails at odd hours of the evening and on weekends so I won’t forget. Each time I send one, I figure he won’t answer until business hours come around, which would be just fine. Yet, almost every time, be it 7pm on Tuesday or a Saturday afternoon, he answers within 5 minutes anyway! You just don’t find that level of dedication and customer service anymore.
Sam makes me feel like I’m his only client sometimes, and I can’t thank him enough. He has made going through this process so much less stressful than I’d thought was possible. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

5 anonymous via

Sam is an excellent attorney. He was very responsive to us throughout our matter and always made himself available for any questions that we had. His expertise was very reassuring to us and I’m confident it helped us to come out successful.

5 Zach via

Sam worked with me for around two and the whole time consistently kept me updated and worked with my busy schedule. I was not familiar with the whole process and he kept me comfortable through all of it. Ended up winning the money I deserved for an incident involving the landlord not keeping his house safe resulting in a drastic injury and scar.

5 juliee via

I was facing a serious charge for a bad decision, Samuel never judged me nor made me feel incompetent. I always felt reassured after seeing or speaking with him. I will also add he is always detailed and though when caring for your case, I could go on and on . I suggest him to anyone who appreciates someone who has old school empathy and cares for his clients. juliee

5 Vera via

From the moment Sam Alba took my case I knew that I was good hands. He was very pro-active with outreach and updates and made sure my questions and concerns were addressed timely and that I had a clear understanding of why and what was happening during each step of the process.
He was very quick on his toes by tackling every single obstacle that was unexpectedly thrown his way. He put forth his full effort while handling such a complex case AND he somehow managed to do it all with a smile.
He is very professional, very kind and made me feel comfortable knowing that he had the best interest of myself and my family in mind.
I would highly recommend Mr. Samuel Alba to assist with your legal matters as I am sure your experience will be as satisfying as mine. Thank You Sam

5 Frederick via

Absolutely awesome guy, consoled me right away never have dealt with the legal system and felt completely safe in his ability to represent me. All my charges were reduced and ended up with an great result.

5 Natan via

Highly Recommend
Sam is an excellent attorney. He’s handled numerous cases for both myself and my family. The ending results of each case have been nothing short of professional and satisfying. Sam takes each of his clients and cases very seriously and does not settle. I know that I am in good hands with Sam Alba and I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who is searching for a highly qualified and extremely professional attorney. He responded quickly each time I had a question for him and his responses were always clear and informative. Thank you!

5 Joe via

Professional lawyer
Excellent excellent attorney. Helped me multiple times avoid points on my license and even possible jail time. Gets the lowest possible punishment every time

5 Troy via

Very flexible and work with make sure I got what I wanted out of the case and did the upmost to make sure that I came out on the good end of it.

5 anonymous via

Sam was efficient and knowledgable in helping resolve false allegations. He was helpful in my defense and the case was promptly closed. I would highly recommend Mr. Alba to those looking for a thorough and competent attorney.

5 Ikram via

Sam helped me out when I needed help with a small claims case. Even when I was in the wrong he was able to get all charges dropped. FAST AND FIRM

5 Ryan via

I asked Sam to assist me with a speeding ticket. He managed to get it down to a parking ticket with no points on my license. He represented me very well in court and I will definitely come back to him again should I ever need a lawyer again.

5 Tommy via

Samuel showed up to court and within seconds went into the district attorney’s office and returned to me within minutes saying my ticket was dropped and my class A misdemeanor was reduced down to an ACD. No community service required just a class I have to go to twice. Was very polite talking to me and more importantly the judge. Also it was a fairly priced flat rate which was well worth it.

5 Pat via

Samuel did a wonderful job defending me. I am young and I was nervous about what this whole issue would cost me between court fees and lawyer fees. Samuel was appropriate in his fees. Samuel also tried his very best to get the court fees and tickets erased (and he succeeded.) Case was dropped no tickets, no record.