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Buffalo Brain Injury Lawyers

There is nothing worse than having a doctor tell you, or a loved one, that because of a brain injury, it will be impossible to take a long walk on a beautiful morning. Or be able to hug your child as deeply as you once did. Or….even do something as simple as tie your shoes quickly and efficiently.

What most people take for granted is gone in an instant – the result of an accident – whether from a car crash, a fall or even a simple mistake made on a construction site. Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is physical brain damage resulting from a sudden impact.

The majority of traumatic brain injuries are caused by car accidents – but falling, violence, sport injuries, and child abuse are also leading contributors to TBI.

Experienced Buffalo Brain Injury Lawyers

Two million people suffer from a traumatic brain injury each year. Of that number, 70,000 to 90,000 are left with significant and irreversible impairments….and 20,000 people die from their brain injuries.

And traumatic brain injury is the number one cause of disability in children and young adults.

The physical, cognitive, and emotional changes caused by a traumatic brain injury depends on the location and level of the injury.

There are different forms of brain damage that can occur:

Focal brain damage is restricted to the specific area of the brain affected by the impact.
Diffuse brain damage is the result of the brain moving back and forth inside the skull. This can cause damage to many areas of the brain.
The major speech and language areas of the brain are the most common areas affected because they sit in pockets that allow only minimal movement. Exceed that movement in a traumatic event, and speech and language are permanently affected.

These types of traumatic brain injury can also leave a victim with sensory disturbances, cognitive impairments, and motor system damage.

If one survives a traumatic brain injury, they may have difficulty processing new information, concentrating, organizing thoughts, making decisions, solving problems, and many other simple processes we do each day.

Immediate medical care is crucial in those first few hours following the traumatic brain injury – with long term care a distinct possibility.

TBI treatments vary according to the individual’s specific impairments. Long-term injury care often involves a team of professionals who specialize in the all aspects of rehabilitation.

The results of a traumatic brain injury can be very difficult for the patient and his or her loved ones, both financially and emotionally.

Through considerable education and experience, the Buffalo Brain Injury Lawyers at Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC, are able to evaluate traumatic brain injuries and successfully address claims on behalf of the injured.

Most traumatic brain injury accidents are preventable and occur because of the other party’s recklessness or irresponsible negligence.

It is always important to talk with an experienced attorney about brain injury cases. We’ve spoken many times with brain injury victims or their families….and they had no idea what legal rights they had.

Have you or a loved one suffered from a traumatic brain or head injury?  Our Brain Injury Lawyers will thoroughly investigate the facts in your case and make sure you get the compensation you or your loved ones deserve.

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