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Buffalo Juvenile Crime Lawyers Criminal Defense Attorneys for JuvenilesAs a parent, one of the worst moments of your life is receiving a call notifying you that your child has been arrested for a crime. Maybe there have been previous bouts of trouble, or perhaps the behavior in question has caught you off guard, but whatever the situation, if your child has been arrested, you need our skilled Buffalo juvenile crime lawyers.

At Friedman & Ranzenhofer, our Buffalo juvenile crime lawyers have decades of experience in the practice of law. We know the ins and outs of family court, and we have special insight into the types of issues that judges look at as they develop an understanding of your child’s particular case – and how it should be dealt with.

Buffalo Juvenile Crime Lawyers Providing Strong Defense In All Courts

Juvenile crimes are not handled the way that adult prosecutions are, and even the terminology is different. If your child has been taken into custody in Buffalo, he or she is considered a “Juvenile Delinquent,” and the act that prompted the trouble, rather than being a “crime,” is considered a “delinquent act.” These cases are typically heard in Family Court, and there is no jury, just a Family Court Judge.

There are real hazards when your child is facing juvenile criminal charges in New York. The first is the risk of being sentenced to a juvenile detention center, but the longer term implications are no less serious. A conviction, even when the minor isn’t confined by the state, can create problems down the road when she applies to college, for scholarships, looks for a job, or wants to rent an apartment.

In most cases, your family will want to retain an attorney by the time of your child’s Initial Appearance in Family Court. This is roughly equivalent to an “arraignment” in adult court. At the Initial Appearance, the judge will decide whether to detain your child or remand him to your custody. Factors that matter in this determination include the severity of the offense, and previous delinquent acts.

Once through the Initial Appearance, we will engage in a Fact Finding Disposition. We examine the particulars of the case and the charges, develop our own narrative, mitigating circumstances, and exculpatory evidence, and meet with prosecutors in an effort to avoid a trial altogether. If this process is productive, the case may end here with only minor repercussions. If we are unable to agree to terms with the prosecution, a Disposition Hearing will be scheduled.

At the Disposition Hearing, both sides will present their cases, including witness testimony, evidence exhibits, and other elements of a criminal case. A Family Court judge will hear the evidence, then make a ruling. If your child is found guilty of committing the delinquent act, then a sentencing hearing is scheduled.

Our Attorneys Protect Your Family

These are stressful and frightening events for any family to go through. At Friedman & Ranzenhofer, we want you to know that you don’t have to go through them alone.

If your child is facing juvenile charges in Buffalo, get experienced help from attorneys who know both sides of the courtroom. Call the experienced Buffalo juvenile crime lawyers at Friedman & Ranzenhofer for a legal consultation.

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