Buffalo Lawyers / Buffalo Child Support Attorney Examines Non Reimbursed Medical Bills

Buffalo Child Support Attorney Examines Non Reimbursed Medical Bills

Clients will come to see me as a dedicated Buffalo Child Support Attorney, and want to know how non reimbursed medical bills are handled.

  • Expenses that insurance does not cover are called non-reimbursed medical expenses. They may include co-pays for doctor visits and prescriptions.
  • In New York State, the law dictates a pro rata division of such expenses based on the parents’ income.
  • If the parents make the same amount, the pro rata distribution is 50/50. If it’s not equal, it’s based on the respective incomes of the parents.

Do you have medical bills for your child that are non reimbursable?  Contact experienced Buffalo Child Support Attorney Michael Ranzenhofer for help.

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