Buffalo Lawyers / Buffalo Divorce Attorney Discusses Separation Agreements

Buffalo Divorce Attorney Discusses Separation Agreements

Some people ask me as a Buffalo Divorce Attorney, about the difference between divorce and separation – and whether or not a separation can be formalized with a written agreement.

  • A normal separation agreement is a 10- to 40-page (or even longer) document which addresses all of the parties’ issues – the same issues as those dealt with in a divorce. It will address the divorce itself, as well as the issues of custody, support and health insurance for the couple’s children.
  • It will set forth the terms of support between the spouses and settle issues with regard to jointly held property – whether it’s the house, motor vehicles, bank accounts, or joint debts.
  • That all-encompassing agreement will touch upon – and reduce to writing – all the issues that must be decided in a divorce. It is signed by both parties and filed in the county clerk’s office.

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