Buffalo Lawyers / Buffalo Divorce Attorney Explains if You Can Share a Home During the Divorce Process

Buffalo Divorce Attorney Explains if You Can Share a Home During the Divorce Process

People contemplating divorce often ask whether or not they should move out of the house, and as a Buffalo Divorce Attorney, I tell them that the answer depends on the specific situation.
  • If the parties are getting along alright, and their interaction with the children is going well, both parties can save on expenses by staying in the same household.
  • On the other hand, if the divorce is very emotional and the spouses are no longer able to get along, or if there is hostility and friction, one of them should seriously consider leaving.
  • It is always best to avoid allowing the situation to escalate to a point that is worse for both of you – and for your children.
  • When the husband and wife are able to get along, we recommend that the parties stay in the same house until the divorce is finalized.
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