Buffalo Lawyers / Buffalo Divorce Lawyer Discusses Spousal Support

Buffalo Divorce Lawyer Discusses Spousal Support

Clients will come to me as a Buffalo Divorce Lawyer, and ask about they should know about spousal support.

  • When questions about spousal support arise, the simplest explanation is that, as a rule, spousal support will be paid by the person who is earning more money to the person who is earning less.
  • When there’s a significant difference between the two incomes, spousal support is assigned based on a formula that considers the income of both parties and the length of the marriage.
  • Many factors affect the duration and amount of spousal support, including the standard of living the parties enjoyed during the marriage, whether there are children, and whether either party will need additional education or training to become employable.
  • Spousal support is very important, and the court looks very carefully at both the husband and wife in terms of income and capacity to be self-supporting.

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