Buffalo Lawyers / Buffalo Divorce Lawyer Explains the Differences Between a Contested and an Uncontested Divorce

Buffalo Divorce Lawyer Explains the Differences Between a Contested and an Uncontested Divorce

As a dedicated Buffalo Divorce Lawyer, I am often asked the differences between a contested and an uncontested divorce.
  • Most of our clients anticipate an uncontested divorce, but they don’t always end up that way.
  • The term, uncontested divorce, means the two parties have had some general discussions on major issues and neither spouse objects to the divorce. Nor will the served spouse hire a lawyer to negotiate issues of child access and support and division of property.
  • In a contested divorce, after the papers are served, the recipient hires a lawyer to answer the summons. Then, the attorneys for both parties discuss the issues and, if necessary, participate in court intervention.
  • The process is designed to assist the parties in arriving at resolution, whether by agreement or after a hearing.
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