Buffalo Lawyers / Buffalo Divorce Lawyer on Your Spouse Refusing to Sell the House

Buffalo Divorce Lawyer on Your Spouse Refusing to Sell the House

As an experienced Buffalo Divorce Lawyer, when a husband or wife refuses to sell the house, the issue is very easily taken care of.

  • During a divorce action, either the house will be sold and the proceeds equitably divided, or one person will have the opportunity to buy out the other.
  • If one person doesn’t want to sell the house, that person can either buy out the other spouse or let the court force the sale of the home.
  • One person cannot delay the divorce action by refusing to sell the house or sign necessary real estate papers because, if they do, the court will force the issue.
  • The court will allow the parties to decide – if they can – whether the house will be sold or whether one person will keep it.
  • If either party behaves unreasonably, refusing to do any necessary thing – such as put the house up for sale – the court will order that to take place.

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