Buffalo Estate Planning Attorneys Review Your Will for Free

Have Your Will and Power of Attorney Reviewed by an Experienced Buffalo Estate Planning Attorney

Has it been a long time since you last completed or updated your LAST WILL & TESTAMENT or POWER OF ATTORNEY?

Would you like to get a FREE review of your existing will, trust, living will, power of attorney (POA) or health care proxy?

There is absolutely no cost for this service and you have no obligation to hire us to make any changes or updates.

FRIEDMAN & RANZENHOFER, PC is providing a Free Will and POA Review for the first twenty (20) people that register at each senior citizen center where it is offered.

Call 716.542.5444 for the dates and locations of the Western New York senior centers providing the free review or to offer this program through your organization.


Why would a law firm provide this service for free?

For over 57 years, the attorneys at the Western New York law firm of Friedman & Ranzenhofer PC have handled estate and trust planning, elder law and helped executors and trustees. Our reputation is built on doing a great job and being well known for doing this work. Many clients are in fact surprised that they can have estate planning work done by us for less than other law firms. And, frankly, we think that many of our clients and others need updates due to many changes in the law and in their personal circumstances. So, when we do a will or poa review for free, many existing clients and new clients hire us or pass the word to friends and family members.

If you don’t need any changes we’ll tell you and you can rest easy, knowing that your plan is still good. But, if you need changes, we are available to help and we always quote a fixed flat fee, in advance of any work that you ask us to do for you or a family member.

What will you get? When you call for an appointment, you will be sent an Estate Planning Questionnaire and free Medicaid and Executor’s guides. It is important to complete the questionnaire (as much as you can) and to bring it with you to your appointment. This will help the lawyers to make sure that your documents are coordinated with your assets (a common flaw in many plans) and that you have the right type of trusts or other documents based on your level of exposure to estate taxes.

What kind of lawyer will you get for free? The free part is the will or power of attorney review. And, you’ll get the help of very experienced lawyers. If you need any work and hire the firm you’ll get the same experienced lawyers. Your appointment will be with either Michael H. Ranzenhofer or Robert Friedman.

If you still are not sure if you need this complimentary review, ASK YOURSELF THESE FIVE QUESTIONS:

  1. Is your will, poa, health care proxy, living will or trust older than five years old?
  2. Have your circumstances changed since you last updated your will or trust? Do you have new children or grandchildren? Are your heirs old enough now that they don’t need their inheritance in trust? Are your assets worth much more than when you did your planning last? Have you or a family member been divorced?
  3. Do you need to change guardians for your children, executors, or trustees?
  4. Do you still need federal estate tax planning or can your documents be simplified? In the alternative, since the estate tax is set to change, do you now need federal estate tax planning or a flexible disclaimer will or trust?
  5. Does your poa give your agents enough gift-giving authority to do estate and Medicaid planning?

After you review these five questions, if you feel that you want to take advantage of our free will and poa review, call our Buffalo Estate Planning Attorneys to guide you. We look forward to seeing you and reviewing your plan.

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