Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer On Filing a Claim if the Car Accident is Partially Your Fault

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As an experience Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer clients often ask if they can file a claim if the auto accident was partially their fault.

  • Sometimes, people describe how their automobile accident happened and admit to partial responsibility.
  • New York State utilizes comparative fault to establish the value of a claim and apportion the amount of that claim based on the percentage of each person’s negligence.
  • Involvement in an automobile accident for which you are at least partially at fault does not preclude you from filing a claim.
  • Talk with an experienced attorney who can advise you in establishing the value of your claim.
  • People come often ask how they will be reimbursed for lost wages because they’re no longer able to work.
  • Their most important action is the timely (within 30 days) filing of a no-fault claim.
  • Next, submit medical proof of the injury and lost wages. The insurance company will process the claim and begin reimbursing you.

Were you involved in an auto accident and you were partially at fault? Contact Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer Michael Ranzenhofer.

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