Underaged DWI Considerations

Underaged DWI Considerations Buffalo DWI Attorneys Lawyers

If your child has been charged with DWI and they are underaged, they may be facing severe consequences. You may be scared for them and wonder what is going to happen next. In the meantime, please read these underaged DWI considerations. Underaged DWI Considerations: Penalties for an Underage DWI As a Buffalo DWI defense attorney, […]

DWI Attorney Fees

DWI Attorney Fees Buffalo DWI Lawyer DUI Attorneys in Buffalo, NY

One of the most stressful aspects of DWI cases is the matter of finances. Even when a case is successful and the defendant is not convicted, he or she is still obligated to pay attorney fees, which are not the same from firm to firm. In the video below, criminal defense attorney Robert Friedman expounds […]

3 Critical DWI Facts

3 Critical DWI Facts

Download Our Free DWI eBook  Boating on Lake Erie. Biking through Delaware Park. Riding a horse-drawn carriage through Canalside. Cruising down the Kensington Expressway. These are all examples of how Buffalo’s residents spend their leisure time during the summer swelter, a pair or two of wheels and a motor serving as their tickets to fun. […]

Underage DWI Facts

Underage DWI Facts

4 Facts That Young Drivers Should Know About Underage DWI Download Our Free DWI eBook  Drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 are held to different standards in the state of New York. Of course, they must follow all the rules of the road and respect their fellow drivers, but because of their age, […]

The Guide to DWI Law in Buffalo NY

The Guide to DWI Law in Buffalo NY

Download Our Free DWI eBook  Being convicted of a DWI in Buffalo is a serious offense. A conviction can take a heavy toll on your finances, family, career, and basic freedoms – and could even lead to jail time. The consequences of a DWI last long after your sentencing. However, being charged with a DWI […]

Complete New York DWI Guide

Complete New York DWI Guide

When you make a mistake like drinking and driving, you shouldn’t have to deal with it for the rest of your life.  The Complete New York DWI Guide was created by Our Buffalo DWI Attorneys to help people that were arrested for an alcohol related offense minimize their consequences. Download Our Free DWI eBook  Understanding […]

What is the BAC Limit for a DWI in New York?

Buffalo DWI Attorney Discusses Legal Limit for Blood Alcohol Content

As a Buffalo DWI Attorney, I am often asked what the limits for blood alcohol content or BAC are. For driving while impaired, which is an infraction, it’s up to 0.07. For driving while intoxicated, which is a misdemeanor, it’s 0.08 to 0.17. For aggravated DWI it’s 0.18 or over. Are you concerned what the […]

What is a Breathalyzer and How is it Used?

Buffalo DWI Attorney Discusses Breathalyzer Tests

As a Buffalo DWI attorney, I am often asked whether or not to refuse a breathalyzer test. Although you should be very cooperative when you’re pulled over for DWI, you are not required to submit to a breathalyzer test. However, you can face the possibility of having your license revoked for refusing the test. If […]

What are the Penalties for a DWI in Buffalo?

Buffalo DWI Attorney Discusses Penalties

As a Buffalo DWI Attorney, I am often asked what are the possible penalties for a DWI conviction. This will depend on a number of factors as to whether or not there was an accident, what your past record is. It can result in a fine, imprisonment, conditional discharge. There is also a civil penalty […]