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Evicting a Tenant

Do you have a problem tenant? Watch this video about evicting a tenant with the help of an experienced attorney. Call today for a case review with one of our Buffalo landlord tenant lawyers.

Over the past 39 years, I’m often asked by landlords how they can evict tenants. The first thing is that I need to see the lease, an itemization of the rent that’s due, and notices that have been served on the tenant. We have to go according to what the lease says as far as any notice requirements. I then will prepare whatever notices are required, also the notice of petition and petition to bring the case before the court. We will arrange for proper service of the notices and the notice of petition. We will appear in court on behalf of the landlord, and we will make sure that a warrant is signed and also a money judgment to recover for unpaid rent. After that, we will make sure that the warrant is served by the Marshall or the Sheriff.

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