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How To Survive Legally As A Landlord by Attorney Robert Friedman
*New Fourth Edition*
(240 pages)


A MUST READ RESOURCE FOR ALL LANDLORDS, PROPERTY MANAGERS, JUDGES AND REAL ESTATE ATTORNEYS. This valuable book (list price $39.95) is packed with money-making and money-saving practical information written in clear, understandable language…
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“I’ve only read the first few chapters and “How to Survive Legally as a Landlord” has been invaluable!!  I have re-drafted tenant applications, 3 Day Notice,  Lease Violation Notice.  I will finish up my leases once I have reviewed your disc.  I just closed on a 20 unit apartment complex .Thank you. Best $30.00 I’ve spent in a long time!”  – Tim K. (10/19/17)