The #1 Most Common Estate & Medicaid Planning Mistake In Buffalo

Believing that you are too young to need a health care proxy.

The two famous right-to-die cases involved women in their 20s.

At only 21, Karen Quinlan lapsed into a persistent vegetative state after consuming diazepam, dextropropoxyphene, and alcohol at a party.

Terri Schiavo was only 26 when she went into a coma when her heart stopped temporarily which cut off oxygen to her brain. For the other 19 most common estate and Medicaid planning mistakes click here.

With the increasing ability of medical science to sustain our lives, people are living much longer than ever before. Unfortunately, as you grow older and experience poor health, you may find yourself in a position where decisions need to be made as to how you wish to be treated in a variety of medical situations at the end of your life.

You may find yourself in a physical or mental condition where you can no longer express your medical treatment preferences. Advance health care directives allow you to deal with these situations.

Without such advance directives, your wishes may not be met and your family may have to obtain a court order to deal with your medical condition.