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Free Legal Resources For Buffalo Area Residents

In the past thirty-five years, I’ve authored hundreds of articles that cover a wide range of legal areas.

Just below, is a list of webpages that contain a large number of articles, forms, checklists and other legal related information that you might find helpful for personal legal needs.

So go ahead and spend a few minutes investigating these resources….and see if you can find one that helps with your legal questions.

  • Articles – A large number of articles covering Accident, Personal Injury, Corporate and Business matters, Divorce, Estate Planning, Landlord and Tenant Issues and Real Estate.
  • 17 Benefits For Older New Yorkers – The NY State Bar has authored a new publication to assist NY Seniors.
  • Tenant Screening Reports and Tenant Blacklisting – Specific information on the use of Tenant Screening Reports and Tenant Blacklisting
  • Buying & Selling Real Estate – Information on Buying & Selling Real Estate in New York.
  • Legal Survival Newsletters – Eighteen years of legal news and advice…all in one place.
  • Useful Legal Checklists – Have a legal issue and don’t know where to start? Then we might just have a checklist to help. Checklists for your personal use include: Car Accidents, Getting Started in Business, Corporate Formalities, Workplace Violence, Estate Planning, Landlord Issues, Trustee’s Duties, Buying Vacant Land and Home Improvement
  • Pamphlets Mentioned in Robert Friedman’s Newspaper Column – Handy pamphlets to help with your Medicaid questions, updates on Home Equity Scams and how to set up and use a Real Estate IRA.
  • Legal Forms – Looking for a legal form? We have nineteen legal forms for you to use….absolutely free.
  • Legal Guide for Executors in New York – A detailed look at the responsibilites of an Executors in the State of New York