On What Grounds Can I Contest A Will In The Buffalo NY?

On What Grounds Can I Contest A Will In The Buffalo NY?When a loved one passes, families take on a great deal of responsibility in executing their final wishes.

In today’s world, with blended families and various interests at play, there are many instances when a relative or heir may have good reason to believe that their loved one’s will is not the accurate recording of their intentions at the end their life.

In order to protect both the deceased loved one and their heirs, New York has a number of grounds on which a will can be contested.

  • The will does meet the legal requirement set forth by the State of New York.
  • There is evidence of fraud in the creation of the will.
  • There is evidence of undue influence by one party.
  • Improperly handled probate process.
  • Key relatives are excluded from the will, or the inheritances are unreasonably uneven.
  • Assets contained in a trust are not being protected by the trustee.
  • Improper accounting of cash or assets.
  • Forgery.

If you believe your loved one’s will does not accurately reflect their desires for how their wealth or assets should be handled after their death, it is possible to contest a will in Buffalo.

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