Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Immediate Care

Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Immediate CareAs an experienced Buffalo Injury Attorney, a lot of people come into the office wanting to know if they can still receive recovery even if they didn’t get immediate medical care. When somebody is involved in an automobile accident, they often don’t want to go to the hospital. They’re hoping and wishing that they were involved in the accident and maybe with a little bed rest and a couple of Tylenol and a few days, they’ll be okay. What often happens is that the weekend goes by or a few days go by and they’re not getting any better. They may wait a few days. They may wait a few weeks. They may even wait a few months before first seeking their medical care. The important thing is to be able to establish that the injuries from the motor vehicle accident caused the injuries that they’re suffering from now. Even though you don’t go to the hospital right away or even though you don’t go to the urgent care right away, you can still make a recovery if we’re able establish that those injuries are connected to the accident that you had.

Are you worried that you won’t be able to get your personal injury case heard because you didn’t receive immediate medical attention after your accident?  If so, contact the experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney Michael Ranzenhofer.

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