Buffalo Child Support Lawyer on Grandparent’s Rights

Buffalo Child Support LawyerA common situation I handle as an experienced Buffalo Child Support Lawyer, is that grandparents come in and say that they had a wonderful relationship with their grandchildren, but now something has changed. Either Mom or Dad refusing to let them see the children anymore, even though they used to have fairly free and ready access. I tell them there’s no hard and fast formula that tells you whether or not – and how much –you’re going to have access to the children. In a situation like that, they have to file an application with the court and the court will address what is proper and determine what’s in the best interest of the children.

Very often, a court will consider the historical access between the grandparents and that grandchild. If a grandma or grandpa comes in wanting access to children they haven’t seen in three years, that’s not going to be as strong a case as it would be if they were seeing the grandchild every week for Sunday dinner and, all of a sudden, that is cut off. The facts and circumstances are different in every case, but grandparents on either the Mom’s side or the Dad’s side can use certain applications  to establish access to their grandchildren.

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