How a Doctor Can Help Your Case

Are you wondering how a doctor can help your case? Personal injury cases can be complicated, and seeing a doctor is vital for recovery. Before speaking to an attorney, here is what you should know about this.

How a Doctor Can Help Your Case | Preexisting Condition

Insurance companies might point to a preexisting condition to lower or even get out of a settlement with an injured person. An experienced attorney can help to draw a clear distinction between injuries directly resulting from your accident and any other injuries or preexisting conditions. Overlap won’t necessarily ruin your case. If you suffered an injury to your shoulder 10 years ago, a recent injury to the same area might trigger or aggravate pain.

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How a Doctor Can Help Your Case | What Doctor to See

If you’ve been injured, your priority should be your health, not some future personal injury claim. Go the doctor you’d normally see given the circumstances. If you’ve been seriously injured, an ambulance may arrive to take you to a hospital. If your injuries are less serious, you might be able to drive yourself, or have a friend or family member drive you to the hospital. You may go to an urgent care facility. No matter the case, be sure to follow up with a specialist. For example, if you’ve sustained an injury to your neck, you should see an orthopedist, a neurologist or neurosurgeon, or a physical therapist or chiropractor. Most importantly, you want to visit a doctor with the expertise to treat the type of injury you’ve sustained. If you do end up filing a claim or going to court, their expert evidence could weigh heavily in your favor.

How a Doctor Can Help Your Case | Didn’t See a Doctor After the Accident

You can still pursue a personal injury claim even if you didn’t seek medical attention immediately after an accident. Many injuries aren’t easily detectable right away, but worsen over time. In fact, in the immediate aftermath of an accident, many injured people say to themselves, “I think I’m going to be okay. I’m a little sore. I’m going to go home and see how this goes.” In some cases, an injured person may have other legitimate reasons for delaying seeking medical treatment. Don’t be discouraged if you waited to seek medical treatment – there’s a good chance that you could still have a personal injury case, and could seek reimbursement for your expenses and injuries.

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