Car Accident Claim Value

Car Accident Claim ValueCar crashes result in serious injuries and damages that can total thousands of dollars. Of course, your health is your chief concern, but after that you’ll want to know how you can recover all you’ve lost. Car accident claim value is the focal point of clients’ personal injury cases. Obviously, the more that can be reimbursed the better. But how is this number determined? While that’s a question that is hard to determine at the onset of a case, we recommend you come down to our office for a legal consultation and discuss the details of your accident.

Car Accident Claim Value | Factors

Many people want to know how they will be compensated for their accident case. In New York State, as elsewhere, compensation takes the form of a sum of money. An injury, once sustained, cannot be undone, so a monetary value is assigned based on a number of factors. We ask how the accident happened, how badly you where you injured, and how does the injury affect your day-to-day life? We also need to know if you were able to work or school, and whether you could participate in your normal activities. When people ask how the value of a case is determined, we share those factors with them.

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Car Accident Claim Value | Should I Take the First Settlement Offer?

If they insurance company makes an offer of settlement to you, you should go over the offer with an experienced attorney. If the settlement is a fair offer, we will advise you to take it. A lot of the times though, insurance companies will make an offer before the injuries really develop in an effort to low ball you.

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