3 Motorcycle Accident Facts

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3 Motorcycle Accident FactsCommon Motorcycle Accidents

  • Motorcycle accidents are tragic because the cyclist has no protection from serious injury.
  • Most frequently, an automobile will make a left-hand turn in front of a motorcyclist and the motorcyclist will hit the car.
  • While there are motorcycle accidents in which the rider is struck from behind, a car’s sudden left-hand turn in front of the motorcycle is the most common.

Car Accident vs Motorcycle Accident

  • One major difference between motorcycle accidents and car accidents is that no-fault insurance does not apply.
  • There’s no insurance provision for your medical expenses.
  • Those injured in motorcycle accidents must realize that their medical bills must be covered by their own insurance. Lack of insurance, therefore, poses additional difficulties.
  • The most important distinction between motorcycle and car accidents is the way medical bills are paid for.

Filing a Claim

  • In Buffalo, people involved in motorcycle accidents can bring injury claims in the same way as those involved in automobile accidents.
  • The first step is to establish that you were injured in a motorcycle accident and that somebody else was at fault.
  • Just as with car accidents, motorcycle cases require proof that the other driver was at least partially at fault and that you were injured.
  • Once those two elements are established, we can file a claim for you.

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