Common Motorcycle Accidents

As a Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney a lot of people come into the office for representation on common motorcycle accidents.

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  • Motorcycle accidents are tragic because the cyclist has no protection from serious injury.
  • Most frequently, an automobile will make a left-hand turn in front of a motorcyclist and the motorcyclist will hit the car.
  • While there are motorcycle accidents in which the rider is struck from behind, a car’s sudden left-hand turn in front of the motorcycle is the most common.

Have you been seriously injury in one the common motorcycle accidents? Call Buffalo Personal Injury Michael Ranzenhofer for justice.

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Out of Town Legal Resources

We had a call the other day from someone looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer in Georgia. We don’t practice in Georgia, but we found a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA that did a great job with their online legal resources. If you or a loved are ever injured in a motorcycle accident in Georgia, take a look at their online motorcycle accident resources.

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