Child Injury Case Facts

Was your child injured because of the negligence of someone else? Learn your rights pertaining to these Buffalo child injury case facts in this article.

Injured Child Cases

Child Injury Case FactsThere’s nothing more upsetting when you see your child injured or you hear about your child being injured if you don’t happen to be there at the time. A lot of people want to know what should they do? What happens when their child is injured?

What I always tell people is the first thing that you want to do is make sure that your child gets the proper medical treatment. Nothing is more important than making sure that your child gets examined and then properly treatment. Then the treatment, obviously, has to be followed through depending on what the injury is.

The very next step after that is to contact us or another experienced personal injury lawyer who is familiar and experienced with dealing with child injury claims because there are a lot of things that have to be done right off the bat: the accident scene has to be investigated, have to accumulate names of witnesses, and interview witnesses. If time goes by, it’s very hard to recreate those types of situations.

After you get the medical treatment, contact us or another experienced firm immediately to make sure that your child’s rights are protected.

Winning a Child Injury Case

A lot of people come in and they’re concerned with winning their case. They ask me how can I win my child’s personal injury case? My child’s been injured. They’re hurting. I tell them there are a couple of important ingredients.

Number one is you need to hire us or another very experienced firm that has a lot of experience in personal injury law and specifically who have handled many, many cases involving children. The second thing I tell them is it’s very important to start early because every day that goes by evidence disappears, witnesses don’t remember as well. It’s very important that the lawyer get involved early on to make sure that a proper investigation is done. Sometimes you do the investigation and it pans out that we’re not going to file a claim. If you ever are going to file a claim, you do want to protect your child. You have to make sure that the investigation that is done is done properly so that evidence is preserved so you can protect your child’s rights for down the road.

Child Sports Injuries

A lot of people come in, especially during the summer and winter months, when their kids are involved in sporting activities, and they tell us that their child has been injured. They want to know what to do. We had a case actually not too long ago where a mother could not find another law firm to handle her daughter’s case. Her daughter had been injured during a cheerleading competition and very, very seriously injured. She had five knee surgeries, and nobody would touch her case because they’re very, very difficult.

I told her that we would handle her case, and we, actually, over a long period of time got a very, very great result for her daughter. What I tell people is that these are difficult cases, but even though they’re challenging, if you are tenacious and you are persistent, we can still have a good outcome for your child. It’s important to get in and to document what happened and if there is equipment involved to make sure that that equipment is either photographed or examined because as time goes by, the evidence disappears. It’s very important for these athletic cases to get in early to make sure we can protect your child’s rights.

Child Injured At School

Other than children being hurt in motor vehicle accidents, which we have developed quite a bit of expertise, probably the next most common area where clients come in to see us is when their child has been injured at school on the playground or in the classroom when supervision has not been up to par. One of the things that we tell these particular folks is that in these cases time is very, very important because when you’re dealing with a school, although the school may know about it, you have to formally and legally put them on notice of a number of different things: the fact that your child has been injured, how the injury took place, what the child’s injury was, and the type of care and treatment that they’re getting. Unlike a motor vehicle case where, under the law, you may have a little bit more time, when you’re dealing with your child injured on the playground or somewhere in the classroom at school, it’s very important to come in to see us or another attorney very early to make sure that you’re complying with all the notice provisions that are required under New York State law.

If your child has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, our Lawyers understand that this is a difficult time for you. After checking out these child injury case facts, contact one of our Buffalo Child Injury Lawyers to fight for your child’s full recovery.

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