DWI Arrest Record

Are you wondering how long a DWI will stay on your record?  Watch this video and contact experienced Buffalo DWI Lawyer Robert Friedman for help with avoiding a DWI arrest record.

DWI Arrest RecordA DWI conviction is permanent. The length of time since any prior DWIs affects your charges and eligibility for a drinking driver program.

Furthermore, the types of consequences you are likely facing include Loss of job opportunities, expensive fines, and prison time.

The following are additional consequences you may be facing:

  • worse penalties for multiple DWIs in a period of twenty five years
  • additional fees for misdemeanors and felonies $260 and $400 respectively
  • having your license permanently revoked if you have three or more DWIs within ten years
  • a minimum of 18 months where your license is revoked if you have a conviction of aggravated DWI within the past ten years
  • being convicted of a Class D felony if you have been convicted of the several types of DWI charges three or more times in the past fifteen years; these charges include:
    • aggravated DWI
    • DWI
    • DWAI
    • vehicular assault or manslaughter
    • aggravated vehicular assault or manslaughter

Defending Your Case

Having a DWI charge is not easy. Challenging the charge can be very tricky and if you want to have your case fiercely defended, you need to make sure your lawyer is up to the task to challenge your charge. Our lawyers are going to look into your case and investigate it carefully to see if you have had your constitutional rights violated. Our lawyers know how to put together a strong legal defense for you to help you avoid the harshest consequences for your charge.

Here are some of the ways we can challenge a case:

  • challenging if the stop was valid: we can take down a case if there was an error made by the police officer during your stop based on the reason why they stopped you to begin with
  • challenging the qualification of the officer who did your sobriety test: If we can see that the person who ran your sobriety test, did not have the proper certifications or were not qualified, we can have the test ruled out as invalid
  • challenging how accurate the evidence is: we can investigate to see if there is reason to believe that the testing was inaccurate which can allow us to make that evidence unusable against you

Your DWI arrest record doesn’t mean you’re guilty of anything; Friedman & Ranzenhofer can help you clear your name and move on after a DWI arrest.

This educational legal video was brought to you by Robert Friedman, an experienced Buffalo DWI Attorney with eight offices located throughout New York.

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