4 Common DWI Questions

Did you get arrested for a DWI and have questions? Check out these 4 common DWI questions we are asked often. Then, call our Buffalo lawyers.

1. What should I do if my license has been revoked for a DWI?

  • 4 Common DWI QuestionsIf you are convicted of DWI, your license will be revoked for six months if you provided a breath test.
  • You will be granted a conditional license for driving to work and medical appointments.

2. Did you lose your license from a DWI?

  • If you plead guilty or are convicted, you will lose your license

3. Can I get my license back after a 3rd DWI charge?

You might be wondering if there’s any way to get your license back after you have more than three DWIs in the state of New York. The answer is there may be a way. The New York State DMV has some draconian regulations which require lifetime revocation of a person’s driving license under several different factors. One of those factors is if you have 20 points or more on your lifetime driving record. That’s not the normal points that stay on your license; that’s your whole life.

What we’ve found with several of our clients is that they have cases where they plead guilty, without an attorney, and they have six points on their license from it. What we can do potentially for you is chip away at those points, and then submit an application to the New York State DMV to hopefully get your full driving privileges back. While every case is different, it’s worth sitting down with the attorney at Friedman & Ranzenhofer for a consultation because if you don’t, you may never drive again.

4. What are the differences between a DWI and a DWAI?

  • There a number of differences between the two
  • DWI is a misdemeanor and DWAI is a traffic infraction
  • This makes the jail sentences for the two much different, with DWI resulting in longer and harsher sentences

Have you or a loved one been charged or arrested from a DWI? Check out these 4 common DWI questions, then contact our experienced Buffalo DWI Attorneys to help you.

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