4 Personal Injury Tips

Did you get seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence? Read these 4 personal injury tips, then contact our Buffalo lawyers today.

1. Will My Personal Injury Case go to Trial?

  • 4 Personal Injury TipsMost cases don’t go to trial
  • A majority of cases are settled before the trial can start

2. What Factors Impact The Value of a Personal Case?

  • When someone asks about the value of an injury case, we tell them certain factors will impact their case.
  • How did the accident happen, who was at fault, and what is the nature and extent of your injury?
  • We will work up a case based on what our client shares as well as review of investigative reports and accident reports.
  • We evaluate the injury and how it impacts the client’s daily life vis a vis ability to work, play sports, recreate, or simply pursue normal activities and estimate the case’s value.
  • Insurance companies often make extremely low initial offers; however, an experienced personal injury attorney can create a clear picture of what your case is worth.

3. What is the Time Frame for Filing a Claim?

  • You have 3 years to the date of the accident to file a claim
  • You should not wait 3 years to file your claim in an ideal world
  • See a lawyer as soon as possible so they can start gathering evidence and begin their investigations

4. How Does The Personal Injury Discovery Phase Works?

  • The discovery phase of a personal injury case is a major portion of the case.
  • Discovery begins immediately after the accident and ends as the case nears its end during discussions of the benefit of accepting a settlement versus going to trial.
  • Discovery refers to the exchange of information between the two sides and may involve written documentation such as medical records and formal answers to certain questions.
  • Discovery may also involve sworn testimony about how the accident happened and your injuries.
  • It may be the longest part of most cases, but it is also one of the most important parts because it enables us to gather information essential to your case and to setting the value of your claim.

Did you get seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence? After reading these 4 personal injury tips we have put together, call our professional Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyers today to schedule a legal consultation and case evaluation!

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