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Wage Theft

  • Don't Let Your Business FlopThe New York Wage Theft Prevention Act provides significant recovery for employees who have had their wages withheld from their employers.

Starting my own Business

  • I recommend that clients use our services instead of online services to form their businesses.
  • Because of the technical requirements we have found that it is much more efficient to hire an attorney when starting a business.

The Best Forms of Business

  • There are 3 basic forms of business
  • They are partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations
  • Speak with your accountant to see which form is best for your situation

Benefits to Getting an Operating Agreement

  • We draft operating agreements for limited liability companies.
  • These specify the responsibilities of the member of the business

Using a Corporate Buy-Sell Agreement

  • I recommend to clients they use a corporate buy-sell agreement
  • This will provide all of the details in the event the shareholder needs to sell their stock

What is a Shareholder Agreement?

  • It is very important to have a shareholder agreement
  • This will provide a number of things if the shareholder dies, becomes disabled or no longer wishes to work for the company

Are you starting a business or own a business and have questions about the legality matters? Don’t let your business flop! Contact our Buffalo Business Law Attorneys to schedule a legal consultation and case evaluation to get started today.

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