Stand-Up Buffalo Rental Assistance System Re-Launched To Provide Relief While NY Awaits Additional Federal Aid

The City of Buffalo and Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency  (BURA) announced on November 26, 2021 that it re-launched its STAND-UP Buffalo rental assistance program for income eligible residents to cover any gaps created by the complete expenditure of funds from the New York State Emergency Rental  Assistance Program (ERAP).

Stand-Up Buffalo Rental Assistance System Re-Launched To Provide Relief While NY Awaits Additional Federal AidThe City of Buffalo, along with most of the municipalities across  New York  State,  partnered with the New York State Office of Temporary Disability Assistance (OTDA) to create a single, unified portal that City residents could use to apply for rental assistance funds. The portal could be accessed through  the internet or a toll-free hotline. Last week, Governor Hochul announced that the ERAP system was being  temporarily shut-down due to the complete allocation of all available funds and that she was seeking nearly  $1 billion in additional rental assistance from the federal government to meet the ongoing demand.

Since its launch, the OTDA ERAP portal has provided rental assistance to over 2,600 residents and disbursed  approximately $17.4 million in aid to people living in the City of Buffalo. BURA’s STAND-UP Buffalo program  will provide at least an additional $2 million in assistance to income qualifying renters who owe six months or less of unpaid rent. Residents can begin the application process by calling 211. After that initial intake call,  they will be referred to one of the following community partners to compile the required documentation and  formally submit their application:

  • Heart of the City Neighborhoods
  • Old First Ward Community Center
  • University District Community Development Association
  • Belmont Housing Resources
  • Buffalo Urban League
  • Catholic Charities of Western New York
  • The Center for Elder Law and Justice
  • The Belle Center
  • Harvest House Buffalo
  • Matt Urban Hope Center
  • Metro CDC (a partnership of the Delavan-Grider Community Center, Mt. Olive Development Corporation,  and Western New York Muslims)
  • Neighborhood Legal Services
  • Restoration Society, Inc.

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