Differences Between Legal and Residential Custody

Are you trying to determine the differences between legal and residential custody? Watch this video, then call our Buffalo attorneys today!

As a Buffalo Child Custody Lawyer, clients will ask for clarification of the distinctions between legal custody and residential custody.

  • Legal custody designates who makes the important decisions in the child’s life, whether one parent has sole legal custody or both parents share joint legal custody.
  • Residential custody refers to a primary residential parent with whom that child lives and, in some instances, this can be shared equally.
  • When the parties can work together, they will share joint legal custody and both will make decisions about important aspects of a child’s life.

Are you determining the best custody arrangement for your family and have questions about the differences between legal and residential custody? Contact experienced Buffalo Child Custody Lawyer Michael Ranzenhofer for guidance.

This educational legal video was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced Buffalo Child Custody Lawyer.

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