New NY Pistol & Semiautomatic Rifle Permit Laws

New NY Pistol & Semiautomatic Rifle Permit LawsNew York’s strengthened New York’s gun laws enacted following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen to strike down the state’s century-old pistol permitting process are effective  September 1, 2022. The laws contain strengthened background checks and firearm safety and live-fire training for individuals seeking to obtain concealed carry permits; prohibit concealed carry permit holders from bringing their firearms into sensitive locations, including Times Square, bars, libraries, schools, government buildings and hospitals, among others; and require renewal or recertification of permits every three years.

New permitting and minimum age requirements related to ownership of semiautomatic rifles are effective  September 4, 2022. An individual must be at least 21 years old and have a permit prior to purchasing or taking possession of a semiautomatic rifle. Licenses are not required for individuals who possessed semiautomatic rifles before September 4, 2022.

For more than 100 years, New York required individuals seeking concealed carry permits to undergo background checks, which included checking whether they had any criminal convictions that could disqualify them gun ownership, and character references. In response to the Bruen decision, the state has standardized and strengthened the background checks required for concealed carry permits by requiring four character references; a list of former and current social media accounts for the last three years; disclosure of applicant’s spouse or domestic partner, any other adults residing in the applicant’s home, including any adult children of the applicant; and an in-person interview with their licensing officer or designee. Licensing offers may request any additional information they deem appropriate.

The firearm training requirement applies to all concealed carry permit applicants on or after September 1, 2022 for individuals who live in New York City and Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties and are required to renew their permits. The 16-hour classroom and two-hour, live-fire firearm safety training course must meet New York’s new minimum standards. These standards are designed to provide licensed firearm owners the skills and knowledge necessary to safely store and carry their firearms, and educate them about other topics, including conflict de-escalation, suicide prevention and use of deadly force that will help keep them and others safe.

Individuals who currently have concealed carry permits and recertify those permits with the New York State Police are not required to complete this new training. Renewal and recertification of concealed carry permits is now required every three years instead of five. The New York State Police plan to institute an online recertification process for permit holders.

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