Tenant Awarded $3.8 Million for Sexual Assault

If you have been hurt due to the negligence of a landlord, you may have a case. Check out this tenant awarded $3.8 million for sexual assault.

Tenant Awarded $3.8 Million for Sexual AssaultA tenant was sexually assaulted after her workout as she was leaving the fitness center of her apartment complex. Because it was after dark, she was visible from the outside while she was inside in the lighted room with windows, with no clue she was being watched. Her attorneys  produced evidence of previous reports of burglary, armed robbery, auto theft, forced entry and indecent exposure on the property and said management failed to warn or provide security to tenants. A therapist, who had experience at a rape crisis center, testified for the tenant  regarding the traumatic nature of sexual assault. The tenant’s trauma was compounded by the landlord  minimizing the damages because she managed to fight off the attacker “before the rape was completed.” The landlord claimed that the “attack was very quick and there was no sexual penetration.” The landlord also argued that the tenant  claimed no medical expenses beyond eight counseling sessions and reported no lost wages. DeKalb County. Georgia State Court jury rendered a $3.8 million verdict for premises liability.

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