Six Reasons to Hire a NY Truck Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured in an accident involving a commercial truck and need the help of an experienced NY truck accident lawyer? Truck accident claims can be more complicated than regular automobile accidents, so when hiring a Buffalo, NY accident attorney, you should hire a lawyer who understands the complexities of truck accident cases. The lawyers at Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC are equipped to walk you through your various legal options and get you the compensation that you deserve.

Six Reasons to Hire a NY Truck Accident LawyerWhile you might not think you need a lawyer, it is best to hire an experienced NY accident attorney for these six reasons:

  1. The Trucking Sector Has Multiple Complex Rules and Regulations: The trucking sector is highly regulated by federal and state regulatory agencies. Testing for things like sleep apnea and truck driver behavior is done before drivers are allowed on the road. Because of this, it might be harder to prove negligence as the reason for the crash. New York truck accident Attorney Robert Friedman has the unique experience of having successfully prosecuted over 33,000 dangerous and distracted drivers for 36 years as a New York Vehicle & Traffic Prosecutor. As a prosecutor, he saw many personal injury vehicle cases and distracted driver cases. Using his extensive knowledge of the NY Vehicle & Traffic Law and NY Transportation Law, he prosecuted many dangerous truck drivers.
  2. There May Be Additional Parties Involved: If you suffer serious injuries from a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault party. However, to be compensated, you must show that the responsible party breached a duty of care which led to your physical or emotional harm. In most cases, the trucking company is responsible for the damages. But sometimes, legal responsibility might fall on another party. Your attorney will assess the accident to determine all of the at-fault parties, which can include the truck driver, truck manufacturer, state government, and loading company.
  3. Necessary Evidence Must Be Obtained: In addition to having an understanding of traffic laws, truck accident attorneys have vast experience in performing independent investigations of trucking accidents. By interviewing witnesses, photographing the scene, obtaining surveillance video of the accident and obtaining accident reconstruction experts. Our New York truck accident lawyers will uncover all necessary evidence to build the strongest possible cases for our clients. There are numerous documents which must be obtained including, Driver’s Log Book, Trip Sheet, Route Schedule, and Time Card, all drivers’ logs, manifests, and other documents prepared by or on behalf of the driver for 30 days prior to and including the date of the accident. Additionally inspection reports must be requested for the truck as of the date of accident, the first inspection report and checklist for the truck following the accident. Our truck accident injury lawyers near you have decades of experience which enable them to identify the documents critical to a successful resolution of your case.
  4. Insurance Companies Are Not On Your Side: The trucking company’s insurance company is not on your side. They will do everything possible to reduce their potential liability and protect their bottom line. They can make lowball offers or drag your claim out for years to make you settle for less. An experienced truck accident attorney will negotiate with insurance companies for a fair settlement.
  5. Complex Negotiations: Filing a truck accident claim is stressful and time-consuming. There are ongoing legal issues and paperwork to deal with. If you sustained serious injuries in your accident, you will not be in a condition to participate in these complicated proceedings and negotiations. Having a qualified lawyer on your side can alleviate your stress, making it easier for you to recover.
  6. Better Legal Strategy: No two truck accidents are the same. Every case requires a unique approach. A highly skilled truck attorney can develop an appropriate legal strategy tailored to your case to ensure the best possible outcomes.


If you or a family member are a victim of a truck accident, it is essential that you hire the best truck accident attorney near you with experience in dealing with all relevant regulations and laws. Call or text  Buffalo Truck Accident Attorney Robert Friedman seven days a week for a free case evaluation at (716) 543-3764 and to learn the ADVANTAGES of HIRING A NEW YORK car accident attorney who is an experienced prosecutor.