Buffalo Lawyers / Buffalo Child Custody Attorney Discusses How the Courts Decide on Visitation

Buffalo Child Custody Attorney Discusses How the Courts Decide on Visitation

Parents often come to see me as an experienced Buffalo Child Custody Attorney, and want to know how the court or judge will decide on visitation.
  • If both parents have agreed to a reasonable resolution, the court will base its decision on their agreement.
  • If Mom and Dad can’t agree, the judge will base the decision about where the child will live on what is best for the child (or children) whose best interest always controls.
  • The court will consider which parent has been the children’s primary caretaker or whether both parties have been fairly equally involved. If one parent has been very involved and the other hasn’t, access to the children is likely to reflect that.
  • If both parties routinely attended school and sporting events, doctor visits, etc., the court will generally award additional time to the party who is asking for additional visitation or access to the children.
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