Buffalo Lawyers / Buffalo Child Custody Lawyer Discusses Grandparent’s Rights

Buffalo Child Custody Lawyer Discusses Grandparent’s Rights

As a dedicated Buffalo Child Custody Lawyer, I am often asked if grandparent’s have a right to see their grandchildren.

  • Sadly, it’s common for grandparents to describe the wonderful relationship they once enjoyed with their grandchildren – but which has been lost because circumstances changed.
  • If one parent refuses access to the children, regardless of the free access that formerly existed, there’s no hard and fast formula that dictates grandparents’ access to the children.
  • In such cases, it will be necessary to file an application with the court, asking the judge to address what is proper – and what’s in the grandchildren’s best interest.
  • A court will often consider the historical interaction between grandparents and their grandchildren.
  • Although circumstances differ, grandparents on either side can use certain applications to establish access to their grandchildren.

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