Buffalo Lawyers / Buffalo Divorce Lawyer on Requiring Your Spouse to Pay the Legal Fees

Buffalo Divorce Lawyer on Requiring Your Spouse to Pay the Legal Fees

Clients often come to see me as a Buffalo Divorce Lawyer, and ask if they can require their spouse to pay the attorney fees.

  • Neither party can require the other to pay their legal fees; however, New York State law does allow for either the husband or the wife to apply to have the other person pay all or a portion of their legal fees.
  • That decision usually depends on specific circumstances – especially each party’s income.
  • If the husband and wife make approximately the same amount, absent any other circumstances, each person will pay their own legal fees.
  • If one spouse makes considerably more than the other, the one who makes the lower amount of money can ask the court to direct the other spouse to pay at least part of their legal fees.

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