Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer Examines Factors that Impact the Value of a Personal Injury Case

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As an experience Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer, I often go over the value of a personal injury case with my clients.

  • When someone asks about the value of an injury case, we tell them certain factors will impact their case.
  • How did the accident happen, who was at fault, and what is the nature and extent of your injury?
  • We will work up a case based on what our client shares as well as review of investigative reports and accident reports.
  • We evaluate the injury and how it impacts the client’s daily life vis a vis ability to work, play sports, recreate, or simply pursue normal activities and estimate the case’s value.
  • Insurance companies often make extremely low initial offers; however, an experienced personal injury attorney can create a clear picture of what your case is worth.

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This educational legal video was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer.

Download Our Free Personal Injury eBook

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