Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Compensation for an Auto Accident Injury

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As a professional Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer a lot of clients come to me about compensation available for an auto accident.

  • Many people want to know how they will be compensated for their accident case.
  • In New York State, as elsewhere, compensation takes the form of a sum of money.
  • An injury, once sustained, cannot be undone, so a monetary value is assigned based on a number of factors.
  • We ask how the accident happened, how badly you where you injured, and how does the injury affect your day-to-day life?
  • We also need to know if you were able to work or school, and whether you could participate in your normal activities.
  • When people ask how the value of a case is determined, we share those factors with them.

Have you been seriously injured in an auto accident? Contact Buffalo Personal Lawyer Michael Ranzenhofer for justice.

This educational legal video was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer.

Download Our Free Personal Injury eBook

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