Embezzlement Charges

Consequences of Embezzlement Charges

Experienced Buffalo criminal defense lawyer discusses embezzlement charges and the consequences in the following educational video.

When responding to embezzlement charges, care is a necessity. The investigative agency will frequently call the subject of the investigation and ask the subject to come to the agency’s office for a series of questions. In that situation, the power in the world is in the hands of the investigators. Their job is to charge the person whom they are investigating with a crime. When receiving that call, the automatic response should be “I have to talk to my lawyer.” My office will tell you to not talk to the police or any investigative agency without an attorney present.
In many cases, the entire criminal charge hinges on an admission the client willingly made. Time and time again, people waive their Miranda rights, agree to make a statement, and inadvertently incriminate themselves.

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