Buffalo Child Custody Lawyer Discusses How Courts Decide on Visitation

Buffalo Child Custody LawyerWhen people come into my office as an experienced Buffalo Child Custody Lawyer, they often want to know how the court or judge will decide on visitation. I tell them that if Mom and Dad have agreed to a reasonable resolution, a court will make its decision based on that. When Mom and Dad can’t agree, the judge will have to make a decision as to where the child is going to live based on what is best for the child (or children). The children’s best interest always controls.

The court will consider several factors, including what Mom and Dad have done in the past, which parent has been the children’s primary caretaker of the children, who’s been more involved in the children’s lives – or have both parties been very, very involved? If one parent has been very involved and the other hasn’t, that person will probably not have as much access to the children. If both parties have been very, very involved with their upbringing – attending school and sporting events and doctor visits, etc. – the court will generally give more time to whichever party is asking for additional visitation or additional access to the children.

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