Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Settlements

Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses SettlementsAs a Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer, a client will come into the office and oftentimes they’ve been contacted by the insurance company.  The insurance company has made an offer to them, and they want to know if they should accept it. One of the things I tell them is it really depends. We have to evaluate how the accident happened. We have to evaluate what the injuries are. If the settlement is a fair offer, we would advise the client to take it. Oftentimes what happens is they will get a call early on and the full extent of their injuries have really not played out yet. It might be a little premature to consider that first offer. You want to make sure that you know how you’re going to be after the accident. You want to make sure that you’re far along in your medical treatment. Oftentimes, we’ll take a pause and tell the person, “Don’t take that first offer. Sit on it for a little bit and let’s see how things play out in terms of your recovery.”

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