Selling the Matrimonial Home

The division of assets during a divorce can be quite simple in some ways but rather difficult in others. Some assets, such as money and debts, can easily be split in an even or egalitarian manner, and disputes over furniture and gifts can be quickly resolved. Where real estate is involved, however, matters become complicated. Unlike finances, the marital home cannot be split in half, and both spouses must decide how best to tackle this issue. In the video below, divorce lawyer Michael Ranzenhofer discusses which actions to take if one of the two parties in a divorce can’t agree on selling the matrimonial home.

What Do I Do If My Ex-Spouse Refuses to Sell our House?

During a divorce action, either the house will be sold and the proceeds equitably divided, or one person will have the opportunity to buy out the other. If one person does not want to sell the house, that person can either buy out the other spouse or let the court force the sale of the home. One person cannot delay the divorce action by refusing to sell the house or sign necessary real estate papers because, if he or she does, the court will force the issue. The court will allow the parties to decide—if they can—whether the house will be sold or one person will keep it. If either party behaves unreasonably, refusing to do any necessary task, such as putting the house up for sale, the court will order that to take place.

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