Dealing with Tenant Issues

If you are a landlord, you know that dealing with tenant issues is not easy. There are a lot of ways to handle these situations, but you are probably searching for the best way. Before calling our office, here is some general advice.

Dealing with Tenant Issues | Small Claims Court

As a Buffalo Landlord Tenant Attorney, I am often asked by landlords whether they can use small claims court to recover damages and rent from their tenants. If they are a limited liability company or a corporation, they must use city court, which has a commercial claims part in which they can sue for up to $5,000.

Dealing with Tenant Issues | Emotional Assistance for Pets

As a Buffalo Landlord Tenant Attorney, I often get questions as to whether or not a landlord is required to rent to a tenant who has an emotional assistance pet, even though the landlord may have a no pets provision. Refusal to rent to a tenant with an emotional assistance pet can result in discrimination charges if the tenant has a note from a doctor or a therapist saying that they need that animal for their emotional assistance. This is different than a service dog that requires special training.

Dealing with Tenant Issues | Evicting a Tenant

I am often asked as Buffalo Landlord Tenant Attorney how long it takes to evict a tenant. This will depend on a number of factors, but it usually should only take three or four weeks if it’s done properly. The major grounds are either hold over, the tenant is staying beyond the term or nonpayment of rent, in which case a fourteen -day notice needs to be promptly served on the tenant before the eviction process is started. Normally we can, depending on the court’s calendar, get into court within 10 to 17 days

If you are dealing with tenant issues, our Buffalo landlord tenant attorneys can help. Please call our office today to set up a consultation.

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