Benefits of Probation

Benefits of ProbationAre you wondering about the benefits of probation? In New York, courts will often authorize probation in lieu of jail time, typically for less serious crimes and when a defendant is unlikely end up in trouble again. Even though probation lets you stay in the community, work, and participate in your family life, judges can order limits on your behavior in a broad range of life areas, and if you’ve been caught violating the terms of your probation, it’s imperative that you contact our experienced Buffalo probation violation lawyers as soon as possible.

Benefits of Probation | Probation Isn’t Easy, But It’s Easier Than Jail

Courts have a lot of discretion in the terms they can apply to your probation, and nearly as much discretion in sanctioning you for violating those terms. Here’s some of what a judge may require of you during probation, and why it can be hard to stick to the letter of your probation terms 100% of the time:

  • Avoiding bad habits, like drugs or alcohol
  • Avoiding “past associates” – like your friends – and staying out of places you may have ties to
  • Becoming or remaining employed or in school
  • Receiving counseling or other help for problems like substance abuse
  • Being engaged with family and community responsibilities
  • Paying restitution and performing community service

Benefits of Probation | Violations

Violations can happen for any number of reasons, and the punishment varies a lot, from none at all to full revocation of probation and jail time. When you work with Attorney Michael Ranzenhofer, you’re working with some of Buffalo’s most experienced trial lawyers, whose decades in practice includes years of experience as prosecutors. Our Buffalo Criminal Lawyers are, hands down, your best bet in presenting your story to the court in a way that makes clear that you:

  • Did not intentionally violate the terms of your probation
  • Continue to warrant a role in the community
  • Are not likely to reoffend
  • Can be trusted to continue your rehabilitation and restitution as a probationer

If there are areas of your probation agreement that aren’t working for you, we may be able to work with the prosecution to negotiate terms that are easier for you to meet and make you less likely to violate. If you want to know more benefits of probation, please call our Buffalo criminal defense attorneys today.

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