Catholic Church Sex Abuse

In the past decade, catholic church sex abuse claims have risen. Watch this video to learn about the newest cases being reported around the Buffalo area.


How common is sexual abuse in the catholic church?


Since the 1900s, thousands of priests have been sexually abusing children.Catholic Church Sex Abuse It’s only been recently in the past year or two that their names have been disclosed. Since then, there have been as many as 10,000 Catholic priests that have been accused of sexual abuse. In May of 2018, thirteen Buffalo priests were accused of sexual offenses, and in November of 2018, there were 36 more priests added to the list. There was a Buffalo priest accused of using a gun to coerce a victim. In December of 2018, the FBI has engaged in a wide-ranging probe of clergy. In January of 2019, eight Buffalo priests were on the Jesuits list of the 50 accused of molesting children.

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