Tips for Real Estate Investors

Tips for Real Estate InvestorsOur experienced Buffalo real estate attorney offers a few helpful tips for real estate investors. Contact our office to find out more.

Tips for Real Estate Investors | Advantages of LLCs

Are you a real estate investor comparing business formation options and have questions about whether an LLC has any advantages? As an experienced Buffalo real estate attorney, I highly recommend LLCs as a business formation option for a variety of reasons, the liability protection an LLC provides being a primary advantage. An LLC also provides a good succession plan to pass the real estate on to future generations.

Tips for Real Estate Investors | Buying a Home

The very first step in buying a house is to have a contract of sale prepared by either the buyer’s or seller’s attorney and/or the real estate broker. After this, the home should be inspected. The seller’s attorney provides the buyer’s attorney with various documents necessary to close. If you are considering buying a home and want to ensure you are taking the proper steps, contact Buffalo real estate attorney Robert Friedman for sound advice that you can trust.

Tips for Real Estate Investors | Hire an Attorney

We know that real estate is a major investment, and it’s purchase or sale needs ironclad protections against risk or liability. Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing, or if the property you are dealing with is your home, place of business, development, or an investment property, you want the transaction to go smoothly, and you want to be protected. A flawed real estate transaction can leave a party open to costly litigations, and fines. Our Buffalo real estate lawyers will work to minimize the risk and reduce exposure so your business moves forward without interference.

The Buffalo real estate lawyers at Friedman & Ranzenhofer can guide you through almost any real estate matter. Whether your case involves residential or commercial real estate, our experienced real estate attorneys can help with various real estate matters.

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