Does Buffalo, NY Have the Highest Number of Evictions?

Does Buffalo, NY have the highest number of evictions? Learn about state-wide evictions here and call us if you are a landlord who needs a tenant evicted quickly.

Does Buffalo, NY Have the Highest Number of Evictions?Landlords in Erie County, New York primarily in Buffalo, are evicting tenants in greater numbers than almost anywhere else in New York State, except for Brooklyn. There are more evictions than Queens, Manhattan or the Bronx, and much less than other upstate New York cities, according to the New York State Unified Court System. Judges have issued more than 3,700 eviction warrants in the first ten months of 2022 in Buffalo. Not only is that more than other upstate cities such as Rochester and Syracuse, but more than New York City’s other boroughs, including Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx, all of which have much larger populations than Buffalo. More than 1,000 tenants were evicted living in Zip Codes, 14215 and 14211, which comprise much of the Masten and University Common Council districts of Buffalo, NY. However, only 863 eviction warrants were issued in all of Erie County’s suburbs.

The Erie County Tenant Landlord Hub Court a first-in-state virtual housing court, expedited eviction filings. All evictions filed in town and village courts are transferred to the Erie County Court Landlord Tenant Hub Court. The Hub Court, located in Buffalo City Court, is a virtual court using Microsoft Teams. Once the case is transferred by the village or town court, the parties are contacted by mail with a new appearance date. Parties can appear virtually from their homes or in their attorney’s office.

The consolidated court made it easier to bring eviction proceedings. During its first six months of operation, the Erie County Landlord Tenant Hub Court handled 900 eviction cases .Eviction warrants in 2022 are on pace to exceed the 4,127 issued in 2019, the year before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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